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Mandatory French Polynesia Entry Requirements and Sanitary Measures on Board and at Airports

Updated : 29 April, 2021

Ia Orana,


May 1: Reopening of Borders to Tourism

The President of French Polynesia, Mr. Edouard Fritch traveled to Paris to meet several members of the French government and President Mr. Emmanuel Macron.

The following subjects have been discussed in particular:

  • the COVID-19 pandemic in French Polynesia has clearly improved and is under control with less than 20 new cases per week, thanks to the protective measures enforced;
  • the vaccination campaign is accelerating in The Islands of Tahiti where vaccination against COVID-19 is now open to all;
  • new entry formalities taking into account vaccinated people and immunized travelers are being finalized.
  • the degraded economic and social context of our islands, which are heavily dependent on tourism, has been widely debated.


Back in Tahiti, the President of French Polynesia made the official announcement during a press conference Wednesday April 7, that The Islands of Tahiti will reopen to tourism as of May 1!
Regarding entry conditions, he said, "We are going to put in place a protocol at the entry of our borders using virological testing, serological testing, vaccine and ETIS (Electronic Travel Information System). We will explain this protocol in detail with the High Commissioner in the coming days”.
The protocol is now in place, and can be found under "CONDITIONS OF ENTRANCE TO FRENCH POLYNESIA" section below. Mauruuru!


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