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Redeem Miles

Redeem your miles for your next flight

We offer many options to spend your miles for your next flight. Book your journey and redeem your miles for an award ticket or offer yourself extra comfort by upgrading to Poerava Business class or Moana Premium. Need more baggage? Why not use your award miles to pay for an extra baggage allowance!

You can request and book an award ticket online up to eleven months in advance. We have no blackout dates, however, during high season, some flights may offer limited availability. If your dates are not flexible, you can choose a higher priority with our “Comfort Miles.”


From November 07th, 2018, be the first to travel on the Tahitian Dreamliner between Papeete - Auckland.

Benefit from your miles and hop on a flight to Australia.  Book your award ticket in economy or business class between Auckland (New Zealand) and Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne

flight attendant with the spirit of air tahiti nui

Book your award ticket online!

You can redeem your Miles for a one way or round trip ticket in Moana Economy, Moana Premium* or Poerava Business class on Air Tahiti Nui operating flights. We also offer award options on our code-share flights to France, New Zealand or Australia.

Our flights are open 11 months in advance and we have no black outs.  However,  during the high season, some flights may offer limited availability.
If your dates are not flexible, you can choose to spend extra miles for a  Comfort award in Moana Economy cabin.

What is a comfort award ?

In high season, we may have a high demand on certain dates.  Our standard award in Moana Economy is booked in U class and it may be unavailable when
you choose to travel.  We are offering you a higher booking priority with a comfort award.  In this case,  your trip will  be booked in H class.  
A standard award and a comfort award can be combined for a round trip ticket.

* Available on flight operated by the dreamliner


Need to travel on specific dates?

Request your comfort award in Moana Economy which gives you access to more flight availability


All awards are one-way flight awards and must be redeemed on the member’s account.
For a roundtrip ticket,  multiply the award by two. Roundtrip ticket must be redeemed on one single account.

You can request an award online for yourself or a friend or relative.  In this case, the amount of miles will be debited from your account.

If you don’t have enough miles for your award, you can purchase extra miles online. Before requesting your award ticket,  login to your Club Tiare account to purchase your Miles. Your extra Miles will be automatically credited to your account, then you can proceed with your booking.  For more information on Miles purchase, go to the BUY MILES section.

When issued, your award ticket is valid 12 months from the date of issuance. It is refundable with fees.  You can also request a date change to the same destination with a fee.  Promotional awards are non refundable, non changeable.   

Fuel surcharge, airport taxes and other taxes cannot be paid by Miles.  You will be requested to pay them separately. We do not charge service fee on award ticket redemption.
Some countries have specific entry requirements, we recommend you always check which documents you need to entry and transit to your destination.  

When there is a combination of multiple award flight segments with Air Tahiti Nui for the same journey, stopovers at the intermediate point are permitted.  

For more details on the program,  please check the Club Tiare general conditions.


Redemption scale for an award ticket on Air Tahiti Nui operated flights

(Valid from october 29th, 2018)

From to and v.v

Moana Economy

Moana Premium

Poerava Business

Adult or Child



Comfort award



Papeete Auckland 18 000 32 000 27 000 36 000
Los Angeles 30 000 54 000 45 000 60 000
Paris 45 000 81 000 67 000 90 000
Tokyo 40 000 72 000 60 000 80 000
Los Angeles Auckland 40 000 72 000 60 000 80 000
Paris 25 000 45 000 37 000 50 000
Auckland Sydney 13 000 N/A N/A 39 000
Brisbane 13 000 N/A N/A 39 000
Melbourne 13 000 N/A N/A 39 000

Infant (-2yrs)*





Papeete Auckland 2 700 N/A 4 100 5 400
Los Angeles 4 500 N/A 6 800 9 000
Paris 6 800 N/A 10 100 13 500
Tokyo 6 000 N/A 9 000 12 000
Los Angeles Auckland 6 000 N/A 9 000 12 000
Paris 3 800 N/A 5 600 7 600
Auckland Sydney 2 000 N/A N/A 6 000
Brisbane 2 000 N/A N/A 6 000
Melbourne 2 000 N/A N/A 6 000

All awards are one way flight awards. Combination of classes of transportation is permitted. All government taxes, fees and fuel surcharges are payable by passengers.

Some of our flights to New Zealand and Paris are operated by partners; our flights between Auckland/Brisbane or Melbourne are operated by our partner Qantas.

An award ticket can be booked online. If your miles balance is insufficient you may purchase extra miles beforehand.  Simply connect to  your Club Tiare account on

* The infant award is deducted only from the Club Tiare account of the member travelling with the child. This award allows the infant to travel without a seat. If a confirmed seat is required,  an adult award will apply.

You have booked your ticket?  Treat yourself with an upgrade to Moana Premium or Poerava Business Class for more comfort.

Upgrade award is available exclusively by contacting our reservation center.  To ensure a seat in a higher cabin we recommend you request your upgrade award right after your ticket has been issued.

You decide last minute? Your upgrade can be easily requested, in person, on day of departure at the airport. Please be aware that upgrade awards are arranged per one-way flight only and are subject to availability on day of travel. If you want to travel round trip in Business Class, we recommend you redeem an award ticket in Business Class or book your upgrade award before your start your journey.

seat of the poerava business class of air tahiti nui

An upgrade award can be booked and issued only when the original ticket in the original travelling cabin class has been issued.  Reduced airfares are not eligible to upgrade awards.  If the upgrade award is requested at the airport on the day of departure,  the upgrade award scale applicable will be the LEVEL 2 regardless of the booking class of your paid ticket.
Upgrades cannot be arranged on board your flight. For all awards, special terms and conditions apply. Check the Club Tiare terms and general conditions before redeeming your miles.
When required, fuel surcharge, airport and security taxes are not covered by your miles and must be paid separately at the time of award issuance. Service fee is free for our frequent flyer members’ award issuance. If you need more information, you can speak with someone at the Air Tahiti Nui contact center.

Take benefit from the comfort of our new cabin Moana Premium and Poerava Business.


Redemption scales for an upgrade award on Air Tahiti Nui operated flights



Moana Economy to Moana Premium

(B787 operated flights)

One-way awards
applicable both ways

Initial ticket booking class

Adult or Child

Y M K H T N L (Level 1)

V Q S O B (Level 2)

Papeete Auckland 20 000 22 000
Los Angeles 33 000 36 000
Paris 50 000 54 000
Tokyo 44 000 48 000
Los Angeles Auckland 44 000 48 000
Paris 28 000 30 000
Infant (-2yrs) 

Y M K H T N L (Level 1)

V Q S O B (Level 2)

Papeete Auckland 3 000 3 300
Los Angeles 5 000 5 400
Paris 7 500 8 100
Tokyo 6 600 7 200
Los Angeles Auckland 6 600 7 200
Paris 4 200 4 500




Moana Premium to Poerava Business

(B787 operated flights) 

One-way awards
applicable both ways

Initial ticket booking class

Adult or Child

W E (Level 1)

A P (Level 2)

Papeete Auckland 24 000 27 000
Los Angeles 40 000 44 000
Paris 60 000 65 000
Tokyo 53 000 58 000
Los Angeles Auckland 53 000 58 000
Paris 34 000 36 000
Infant (-2yrs) 

W E (Level 1)

A P (Level 2)

Papeete Auckland 3 600 4 100
Los Angeles 6 000 6 600
Paris 9 000 9 800
Tokyo 8 000 8 700
Los Angeles Auckland 8 000 8 700
Paris 5 100 5 400


The upgrade award level applicable is determined by the booking class of the ticket and the fare paid. It can be issued only if the ticket in Moana Economy or Moana Premium has been issued. If you choose to purchase your upgrade award at the airport, the level 2 of the scale will be applicable whatever the original ticket’s booking class.

* Upgrade award for an infant is deducted from the Club Tiare member's account of the member travelling with the child. This upgrade does not allow the infant to have a confirm seat.

flight attendant welcoming air tahiti nui passenger with tiare flower

Planning to bring an additional or oversized baggage on your next flight?

No more worries, bring it all with you! As a Club Tiare member, you can redeem your miles for an extra baggage award whether you are at the entry level Tahia or the highest tier level of the program.








Important: If your itinerary includes a connecting flight, you cannot redeem your miles for an extra baggage award.
Each airline has its own extra baggage policy; you can purchase an extra baggage for your itinerary on day of departure.


The standard baggage allowance for any Air Tahiti Nui flight is 1 piece of 10kg as hand luggage in cabin and 1 piece of checked luggage of 23Kg when travelling in Economy class or 2 pieces of 32kg in Business Class. If you are a Silver or Gold tier level member, you are allowed an extra checked piece of luggage subject to the weight and size allowance of your travelling class. Entry level Tahia members are not allowed to check-in a second piece of luggage for free.

Please be aware that extra baggage awards are arranged on Air Tahiti Nui operated flight only and per one-way. If you want extra baggage on your roundtrip we recommend you make arrangements before your departure. Forgot to make the arrangements at time of booking? No problem…you can redeem your miles at the airport on day of departure.

After the award is issued, it needs to be used on the flight it has been requested. Refund and change for a different routing is not permitted. For all awards, special terms and conditions apply. Check the Club Tiare terms and general conditions before redeeming your miles.

When required, fuel surcharge, airport and security taxes are not covered by your miles and must be paid separately at time of award issuance. Service fee is free for our frequent flyer members’ award issuance. If you need more information, you can speak with someone at the Air Tahiti Nui contact center.


Excess baggage Award on Air Tahiti Nui flights

One way segment Excess piece* / overweight** / oversized***
From Tahiti to:  
Auckland 8 500
Los Angeles 10 000
Narita 15 000
Paris 15 000
From Los Angeles to:  
Auckland 15 000
Paris 10 000

*Piece within applicable weight and Size of the Company baggage policy ((L+ W + H < 158 cm - 23 Kg in Economy Moana – 32 Kg Business Poerava)
**Overweight piece is over 23Kg up to 32kg)
***Oversize: it is considered oversize when length + width + height are > 158 cm. Award only available at the airport.

Extra baggage awards apply only when all flights on your itinerary are operated by Air Tahiti Nui to/from Papeete, Los Angeles, Paris, Auckland and Tokyo. Those awards are not valid when your itinerary includes a codeshare or connecting flight with one of our codeshare or interline partners. If you are in this situation, excess baggage fees will apply from your point of departure to your final destination as long as your connecting flights are on the same TN ticket (TN contract).

couple in bora bora hotel swiming pool

Redeem your miles and enjoy benefits from our non-airline partners.

With a 2 nights stay at the Manava Suite Resort Tahiti and the Manava Beach Resort & Spa, redeem your miles for extra services and other exciting rewards.

Enjoy an American breakfast, a bottle of champagne or even a buffet for dinner to make the best of your stay.

Nothing easier than redeeming your miles for a reward! Make your reservation with a participating hotel then log in to your Club Tiare account to select your award. Your miles will be debited from your account and a certificate will be sent to you via e-mail. Simply show your certificate on the day of your arrival.



Additional Information

Services offered might differ depending of hotel properties
Services are available for a minimum of 2 consecutive nights stay.
The Club Tiare cardholder is the only beneficiary of these services
Your stay with the partner must be booked first before redeeming your miles and issuing your certificate.
Make sure to advise the partner you will present a Club Tiare voucher for the service booked.
After the certificate is issued, miles are non-refundable and non-exchangeable.
Special terms and conditions may apply on December 24th and 31st.


man diving in Tahitian sea

Benefit from your Club Tiare miles and treat yourself with a selection of diving activities to discover the beauties of the French  Polynesian waters

Benefit from your Club Tiare miles and treat yourself with a selection of diving activities to discover the beauties of the French  Polynesian waters

Redeem your miles at Top Dive diving centers for an introductory dive, whales and dolphins watching or just snorkeling to discover the lagoon.

Book your activity for two with our partner: pay the first one to Top Dive and pay the second with your Club Tiare miles.

To book your activity, simply call your Top dive diving center and book your date.  Do not forget to mention your Club Tiare membership number:

  • Tahiti (+689) 40 53 34 96
  • Moorea (+689) 40 56 31 44
  • Bora Bora (+689) 40 60 50 50

•    Once your dates have been settled with Top Dive, log in to your Club Tiare account at
•    Select the partner and your activity from the non-airline partner section
•    After the miles have been debited, you will be receiving a payment certificate. Please make sure to print it and have it with you on the day of your activity.   

For more details, please refer to our terms & conditions.

-    Any request for an award for a non-airline partner must be made exclusively on the website according to applicable terms and conditions.

-    The member must specify the name of the beneficiary(s) at the time of booking. The certificate of the award regardless of the beneficiary will automatically be addressed to the member.

-     Some partners do not allow the use of the bonus by a third party other than the member of the Club Tiare who made the award request

-    Any beneficiary of an award must satisfy the requirements for the use of the desired service and must comply with the terms and conditions of the partners.
-    Any use of a non-airline reward remains the responsibility of the member.    
-    The award is nominative, non-changeable, non-refundable and not-transferable
-    In case of non-use, the award cannot under any circumstances be re-scheduled
-    Before confirming their request, members must have reserved the service with the partner by stating that it is a Club Tiare award member.    
-    We reserve the right not to edit a certificate if the above conditions are not met.

-    The services must be booked with Top Dive by phone 

Picture of Tahiti Nui Helicopters flying over Bora Bora

Enjoy a one of a kind and unforgettable experience.


Tahiti Nui Helicopters and the Club Tiare allow you to redeem your miles for a selection of scenic flights departing from Tahiti, Bora Bora or Moorea. Choose between a shared scenic flight with other passengers or a private scenic flight for up to 5 passengers where complimentary champagne is served to enhance your flight!

Hop into a helicopter and be whisked away for a flight over the French Polynesia’s outstanding landscapes.



  • Book your flight with Tahiti Nui Helicopters beforehand by calling the (+689) 87 777 256 or online at  
  • Advise the counselor it is a Club Tiare award.
  • Log into your Club Tiare account at
  • Select the desired flight and confirm your request.                                                                                          
  • Once debited, you will be sent a confirmation certificate by mail.  Member must present the printed certificate to Tahiti Nui Helicopters on the day of the flight.


For additional details, please read our Terms and Conditions.