Territorial continuity and health crisis: nearly 2,500 passengers and 105 tons of freight transported

Papeete, July 09, 2020

The unprecedented global health crisis has led us to adapt in order to quickly find effective solutions. Thus, the State has chosen to charter nine territorial continuity flights, operated by Air Tahiti Nui between April 7 and July 2, 2020. Nearly 2,500 passengers and 105 tons of freight have been transported by our aircrafts during this period.

continuite territoriale covid


The Covid-19 global pandemic of has prompted many countries to close their borders or to significantly limit entries. In this context, the Air Tahiti Nui teams successfully completed the mission of territorial continuity which was entrusted to them by the State.


continuite territoriale fret

The company was able to transport 105 tons of freight to French Polynesia, including 15 tons of medicines, sanitary and medical equipment, and coronavirus screening tests.

Thanks to these nine flights of territorial continuity, 1,500 people returned to mainland France. Among them, 51 Polynesians benefited from an EVASAN (healthcare evacuation). In addition, our crews were able to welcome 920 Polynesian residents wishing to join their loved ones in French Polynesia.


We would like to thank our teams, our partners, the French Polynesian government and the State who supported us throughout this period. With everyone's confidence and mobilization, we were able to carry out these flights efficiently and safely.

The last territorial continuity flight landed on July 2. Now is the time for our commercial flights to resume. Air Tahiti Nui and all its teams are mobilizing to start again in the best possible conditions and in strict accordance with sanitary measures.

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