Air Tahiti Nui reveals its new brand!

26 April 2018
Logo Air Tahiti Nui

Papeete, April 26th, 2018 – At the dawn of its 20 years of operation and the renewal of its entire fleet, Air Tahiti Nui presents its new face to its clients and partners.

New projects, new aircraft, new technology and soon 20 years, as many reasons for Air Tahiti Nui to renovate its brand and reveal its new ambitions to French Polynesia and the world.

For this, Air Tahiti Nui has called on the internationally brand agency Future Brand. The agency, that specializes in brand creation and transformation, has signed among many other remarkable projects the new American Airlines brand, and closer to Tahiti, the new brand of The Islands of Tahiti for the Tourism board of French Polynesia.


But updating Air Tahiti Nui’s visual identity and its most visible icon, the Tiare flower, was only one part of the job. As the company is proudly stepping into a new chapter of its 20 year history, it felt the need to also reassess its foundations so to better share with the world its positioning, values and personality.

Yesterday, Wednesday April 25th, Air Tahiti Nui has invited its best clients and partners to discover its new brand. An important moment of the life of the company that was duly celebrated in the Air Tahiti Nui Business Lounge of the Tahiti-Faa’a airport with renowned French wine specialist Olivier POUSSIER, the world’s best wine waiter in year 2000, also head wine waiter of the French powerhouse Lenôtre, and designer of Air Tahiti Nui’s new on board wine selection.

This wine reception, a before taste of the upcoming main events, was an opportunity for the company to thanks everyone involved in its success and that have witnessed its expansion and development over the past 20 years.

Michel Monvoisin, CEO of Air Tahiti Nui, had the honor to reveal to the company’s guests the new Tiare logo by dropping the veil on the new business lounge welcome sign.

Olivier Poussier best sommelier of the world 2000 in Air Tahiti Nui's lounge at the international airport of Tahiti Faaa

This milestone is a new step on Air Tahiti Nui’s journey to the upcoming delivery of its new fleet. It is a also strong symbol of the transformation the company is under going to remain the first international airline of French Polynesia.

In 2018, let's celebrate together the 20th anniversary of Air Tahiti Nui, To Tatou Manureva!

The Commercial Direction

Air Tahiti Nui's new logo presentation in Air tahiti Nui's lounge at Tahiti Faaa's international airport

A new visual identity:

In celebration of 20 marvelous years in the sky, Air Tahiti Nui has refreshed its visual identity to step into its future with renewed spirit, energy and pride. Long synonymous with Air Tahiti Nui and Tahiti at large, the ubiquitous and glorious Tiare flower assumes pride of place in our logo, but with a sophisticated, modern new look.

Carefully crafted by globally acclaimed Tahitian artist, Alex Lee, the company new Tiare flower embodies the beauty and spirit of the Islands of Tahiti. Pure, natural and abundant with sweet perfume, the Tiare flower holds many secrets of which only the truly knowledgeable are aware.

With its proud and delicate profile facing forwards, the new logo shares a subtle but powerful message about Air Tahiti Nui’s preparedness for the future and captures the very essence of taking flight and moving onwards, forwards and upwards.


A carefully crafted wordmark:

The sensorial, free spirit of the Tiare flower logo is grounded by the refined strength within its new logotype, the thick and thin strokes giving it a premium, confident and established feel. Closer inspection reveals that the letterforms are purposefully curved and rounded to mimic the shapes and joins of the Tiare petals, tying all of the elements together in harmony, just like the majestic Islands of Tahiti themselves.


On November 20th of this year, Air Tahiti Nui will celebrate its 20 year anniversary. Before this, on October 2018, the company will take delivery of the first Dreamliner B787-9 of its four aircraft fleet. These new aircrafts represent a new chapter of the life of Air Tahiti Nui that remains more than ever in the continuity of a mission that started back in 1998 at the service of French Polynesia and its people.

The next few months will see more important events that will include the presentation of new uniforms, the new connected inflight entertainment system and the delivery of its new aircrafts.