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The sister island, a destination of choice for hikers and eco-tourists

Tahiti would not have quite the same charm, without its sister island, Moorea, lying just across a 17 km wide ocean channel, linked daily by several ferry services. This high island is much smaller than its famous neighbor. The mountains are older and therefore have even harsher and more jagged outlines.

Also raised up by volcanic activity, of which just the ridge-lines remain, the caldera taking up the greater area, leaving the valleys more accessible, making a destination of choice for hikers and eco-tourists.

Its flora and fauna is similar to that of Tahiti, but less urbanized, with plenty of space for agricultural plantations, that decorate the landscape.

The heart-shaped island

Shaped somewhat in the form of a heart, cut with two deep bays, perfect for mooring boats, from cruise liners to small catamaran, it is possible to do the island tour of Moorea along sixty kilometers of road.

couple playing with dolphins in moorea
moorea mountain

The huge lagoon is very well preserved, studded with charming motu as well as many beaches, making it an ideal place for watersports of all kinds.

With just 16,000 inhabitants, Moorea is a favorite holiday destination for Tahiti’s residents, as well as many tourists, who fall under the spell of the stirring beauty of the scenery, contrasted by the peaceful atmosphere.