Photo of Hawaiki Nui vaa race

Hawaiki Nui Vaa

November 2, 3, 4, 2016
For the main Hawaiki Nui Va'a Race (3 stages) November 4, for Taurea and Va'ahine in Uturuoa-Raiatea

The HAWAIKI NUI VA’A canoe marathon has been created in 1992.
With a distance of 129 km/80 mi, the race links Huahine, Raiatea, Tahaa and Bora Bora in the Leeward Islands. The objective of the race from the very fi rst edition was to promote open ocean outrigger canoeing on a regional and international scope.

Photo of the Hawaiki Nui vaa racing
Photo of the hawaiki nui vaa race

Va'a in French Polynesia

Va’a is the Tahitian word for outrigger canoe, a type of craft visible throughout all the islands in French Polynesia.
In Pre-European traditional civilization, the va’a was at the heart of daily life of the island communities as a mean of transport, communication and different types of fi shing.
With globalization, these functions have gradually disappeared and have been replaced by the “era of canoe races”, TE HOERA’A VA’A.
Va’a racing is divided into two types. The va’a hoe concerns a single paddler whereas,the most popular one, involves six paddlers. Due to the degree of diffi culty, the technics and tactical skills required, va’a races are much more than just a simple athletic event.
Va’a represents an authentic immersion into the culture and soul of a people.

Previous Editions

EDT VA’A won the last Hawaiki Nui Va’a with a time of 09:43:16, followed by SHELL A
(09:50:33) in second place and TEAM OPT (09:50:54) in third place for the general ranking.


Total number of paddlers, seniors and veterans : 1335
Total number of male juniors : 126
Total number of female paddlers : 135

The Course

HAWAIKI NUI VA’A is composed of two distinct courses.
The first and longest race in three stages is the veteran and open men’s PIRI’A TANE & MATUATUA.
The second course, for women (VA’AHINE), veteran women (MATUATUA HINE) and junior men (TAURE’A) only takes place in Raiatea.
For more information about these categories, please see event and participation rules.

Photo of the hawaiki nui vaa race
Photo of the hawaiki nui vaa race

Event Rules

Event rules are available on the official internet site of
the Organizing Committee: /


Elise MAAMAATUAIAHUTAPU, President of the Association
Ph: 87 78 79 23 / 40 45 05 44
Facebook : Hawaiki Nui Va’a