The Gambier Islands

The Gambier Islands are uniquely different to other island groups within French Polynesia.  The group is comprised of four islands that sit within a single lagoon surrounded by numerous motu, and Temoe atoll situated 37km further to the Southeast. 

The  least populated island group within the territory, the Gambier Islands lie 1600km southest of Tahiti.  Flight time from Papeete is 3 hours 25 minutes.  Pearl farms and fishing are key primary industries. Tahitian Guesthouses are the only accommodation available so visitors can expect to enjoy a more authentic cultural experience. 




The largest island in the Gambier group is Mangareva.  Located in Rikitea, the administrative centre, the island is home to St Michael's Cathedral - a 19th century church build by early christian missionaries.  

The remote location of these islands help bring to life the bountiful marine ecosystem.  The large lagoon, featuring multiple shades of blue, offers an ideal anchorage for yachts. 

Mangareva is also the staging point for those wishing to visit Pitcairn Island, located 533km to the Southeast.  There are no airstrips on Pitcairn Island, so it is only accessible by sea.  The MV Silver Supporter provides passage from Mangareva to Pitcairn Island every few weeks.

Mangareva, Gambier Islands