Hotel Booking


Simply include your name and Club Tiare number in the booking mask at the time of booking on our website.  Make sure your name for the hotel booking matches your name on your Club Tiare membership card.

Your Club Tiare membership number must be entered during the booking process. If you have forgotten to enter your number you will not be able to claim missing miles.

Go to your hotel confirmation page or email and click on “login to my booking” - you will be redirected to manage my booking page that will allow you to cancel or modify your hotel booking.

Or go to direclty to the Manage My Booking page

Only bookings made at Air Tahiti Nui Powered by qualify. Go to Club Tiare section on our website for more details.

They cannot be combined. South Pacific Management or SkyCity hotels bonus miles only apply when bookings are made through their websites or call centers.