Frequent Flyer Program Club Tiare


Club Tiare is Air Tahiti Nui's Frequent Flyer Loyalty Program.
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Miles are earned only by flying on Air Tahiti Nui operated flights or codeshare flights.
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The miles you acquire when traveling on our services may be redeemed for award tickets, upgrades to business, or an additional baggage allowance for yourself or a nominated friend.
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The Club Tiare Miles are valid for 2 years (24 months) after the last travel.
If there is no flight activity during that period, Air Tahiti Nui will reset the account.
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After your registration and your first travel with Air Tahiti Nui, your card will be sent to your mailing address.

You can access and activate your account on the Club Tiare website. Please log on by clicking the link.

After you log in to your account, you will find the section "My Profile".
If you have any corrections or information to provide, please contact the Club Tiare service at: or you can contact our reservation office to check your miles balance.

The Club Tiare Silver program is accessible to members having accumulated 30,000 miles in travel on Air Tahiti Nui during a calendar year.
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The Club Tiare Gold program is the most privileged status of our program accessible to Club Tiare members having accumulated 60,000 miles in travel on Air Tahiti Nui during a calendar year.
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Yes. A Club Tiare member must keep his/her Tiare Card even though he/she changes status.

You can request a retroactive flight credit within a period of 6 months after the date of travel.
You may request online by signing in to your account.
Please have your e-ticket on hand to help you fill in the form.
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The validity of an award ticket is one year from the date of issuance. If the ticket is not used during the year, it will be considered expired and non-refundable.
The validity cannot be extended.
For more details, see our General Conditions.

You can offer an award to your friends and relatives.

You can earn miles on TN codeshare flights. Please refer to the Club Tiare Chart.
You can redeem miles only on TN operated flights.

You can connect directly on our website.

If you already have a Club Tiare membership number and you connect for the first time, you need to set your password using the First Connection page.

You can earn qualifying miles on most Air Tahiti Nui flights. Your membership level is determined by the number of qualifying miles you have earned on qualifying flights you have made. A qualifying flight is an operated or codeshare Air Tahiti Nui flight with a TN flight number which enables you to earn qualifying miles. The numbers of qualifying miles you earn when flying Air Tahiti Nui are calculated using three criteria: your route and the distance flown, the fare type, and the travel class. Promotional ticket fares are not eligible for miles.
All bonus miles granted by Air Tahiti Nui, an airline or non-airline partner will be considered as a miles accelerator feature but will not be considered as qualifying miles. This includes Tier bonus miles granted on each flight based on your tier level.
Discover how many miles you earn on a specific flight on our miles calculator page.

From the Tahia entry level, you will need to earn a certain amount of qualifying miles to be upgraded to the next level.
30,000 qualifying miles is the threshold to reach Silver level and 60,000 is necessary for Gold level.

As soon as you have accumulated the number of qualifying miles for each level, you will be automatically upgraded to the next membership level and get to enjoy the new benefits right away for up to 12 months.

You will receive a card with your new tier level each time you become a Silver or Gold. Your Tahia card remains valid in case you move back to previous level.

You will need to earn enough qualifying miles during a fixed 12 month calendar period to keep your status.
On 31 December of each year, Club Tiare conducts an annual level check of all accounts. The qualifying miles balance from the previous 12 months will determine if you have reached the thresholds required and condition your upgrade to next level.

Once you have reached a new tier level, each year from January, you will have a 12-month period in which to earn the qualifying miles you need to keep your status. During this time, you need to accumulate 30,000 qualifying miles to remain a Silver member, and 60,000 qualifying miles to remain a Gold member.  If you have not reached the required threshold, you will move back to the previous tier.

If you remain within the same status, you will receive a renewed card with your tier level.  Your Tahia card remains valid in case you move back to entry level.

Please note, for your convenience, regardless of how many qualifying miles you have earned, your card benefits are extended beyond the end of December annual level check to no later than the end of  January of the next year, even if you have not qualified to stay in your tier level for the following year. The balance of qualifying miles is reset to zero on 1 January of each year and will determine the new tier level over the following year.
For example, if you achieve Silver membership on July 14, 2014, your tier review date will be at the end of December 2015, but you can use your Silver card and enjoy extended benefits until the end of January 2016, even if you do not retain your tier for the following year.  On December 2015, the annual level check will determine if you have earned sufficient qualifying miles to retain your tier level and will reset your account to zero on January 2016.
You will receive a card with your new tier level each time you become a Silver or Gold.  Your Tahia card remains valid in case you move back to entry level.

Extra baggage awards apply only when all flights on your itinerary are operated by Air Tahiti Nui to/from Papeete, Los Angeles, Paris, Auckland and Tokyo.
Those awards are not valid when your itinerary includes a code-share or connecting flight with one of our code-share or interline partners.
If you are in this situation, excess baggage fees will apply from your point of departure to your final destination as long as your connecting flights are on the same TN ticket (TN contract).

To modify your name or lastname of your Club Tiare account, please contact Air Tahiti Nui by email at

Your Club Tiare account can be unlocked  by contacting Air Tahiti Nui by email at