couple flying in air tahti nui class


Travel Documents

Each passenger is solely responsible for obtaining and carrying the correct travel documentation, including a valid passport, Visa (if applicable), sufficient funds to cover length of stay, and medical information (if applicable) - including that related to entry conditions due to COVID-19.

Always make sure that the way your name appears on the Air Tahiti Nui airline ticket matches your passport. It is also advisable that the other documentation you carry matches your passport name and that you identify yourself by the nationality on your passport. Make sure your passport is valid for the required time beyond your travel dates. Be advised, certain countries require a passport to be valid for six months beyond the date of departure.

Please note, as travel documents required for entry are subject to modification without notice, it is advisable to check with the consulate of each country on your itinerary or to consult with your travel arranger before departure. Each passenger is solely responsible for understanding and possessing the correct documents for legally traveling to the countries serviced by Air Tahiti Nui.


It is recommended to keep your Air Tahiti Nui e-ticket receipt with you, as it might be requested at the check-in counter or by Customs officials as proof of your return travel.

All passengers with paper tickets must be in possession of the ticket issued by Air Tahiti Nui or travel agent.

Check-in Information

Check-in required 3 hours before departure.
Check-in closes one hour before departure.