Air Tahiti Nui boeing 787 tahitian dreamliner flying over cloud

Annual Report

Annual Report (2020)

In the space of a few months, 2020 erased 21 years of uninterrupted growth in global air trafc. For Air Tahiti Nui, eight consecutive years of positive results were stopped in their tracks. In this context, the airline seek to constantly assimilate its activity with the level of demand and to adapt its offer and commercial approach to this new reality.

Annual Report (2019)

In 2019 there was no shortage of structuring events for the years to come; Air Tahiti Nui intends to demonstrate at the end of this crisis that its choices have been relevant to ensuring its sustainability.

Annual Report (2018)

Air Tahiti Nui completed its transformation in 2018, thus meeting key challenges for our strategic orientations in the years ahead.

2017 Annual Report

Air Tahiti Nui has thus proceeded with its digital transformation to improve both customer and employee experiences


2016 Annual Report

Results in 2016 announce a promising future for the Company


2015 Annual Report

2015 is the symbol of a renewed financial health, thus opening horizons for future development and reconquering of the market, serving the needs of the country and its tourism industry.


2014 Annual Report

Air Tahiti Nui continues its climb into profitability!


2013 Annual Report

The “Tiare” flower-waving airline is back in the spotlight with a newfound financial health in 2013!