Mandatory French Polynesia Entry Requirements and Sanitary Measures on Board and at Airports

Last update : 12 SEPT 2022

Please review the current MUST READ Conditions of Entrance to French Polynesia as well as the MUST READ CDC Entrance Requirements to the US for all travelers, which are outlined below. It is critical that all passengers review and abide by these MANDATORY REQUIREMENTS.

Disclaimer: please be aware that entry requirements are subject to change without notice, at government discretion. Air Tahiti Nui seeks to provide accurate and correct information. However, the airline does not assume any liability. Passengers may wish to verify entry requirements on the respective government website.

Sanitary Measures onboard

Resuming our flights is essential for the Polynesian economy and for our families. Despite this, Air Tahiti Nui is aware of the importance of protecting the Polynesian islands from the COVID-19 epidemic. Your well-being and your security are therefore more than ever at the center of our priorities. We collaborate with health authorities, airports and suppliers to observe these commitments throughout your journey.