Photo of a sailing canoe race

Va'a Channel Crossing

Brief Description

The Tahiti Nui Holopuni Va’a Channel Crossing is a sailing canoe race just like the Va’a Ta’ie Tautoru . Also called Holopuni, the canoe used for this occasion is a vessel between tradition and modernism. It is made of resin has two beams and is directed by 3 people. In order to obtain a better control of their vessel the navigators additionally use oars.
By the strength of their arms and the aid of the winds the fl eat connects Tahiti to Bora-Bora through Moorea, Huahine, Raiatea and Taha’a. The arrival of the Canoes in Bora-Bora marks the opening of the Bora-Bora Ironmana Liquid Festival.

photo of participants of the va'a channel crossing
Photo of sailing canoes

A concept that find its essence in Polynesian Culture

The sailing canoe, a powerful symbol of Polynesian culture, was once the only means of transportation for Polynesians. It was used for sailing the lagoons as well as for traveling across the
high seas.
In modern times, the sailing canoe or va’a ta’ie, has been replaced by paddling outrigger canoes.
In fact, in Polynesian culture, people tend to measure themselves through physical prowess, which the paddling canoe requires. The sailing canoe on the other hand requires much more skills.
For this 7th edition, the event becomes a race with a fi nal rating based on the addition of all five rounds. The two Explorer race rounds of 32 miles don’t count for the fi nal rating.During the previous edition, eight canoes participated to this event.

Key Figures
#6 Islands
#5 Race rounds (220 miles)
#2 Explorer race rounds (32miles)

Crew of 3 people
More than 252 miles to travel

Event Rules

The Tahiti Nui Holopuni Va’a Channel Crossing is open to every crew and va’a ta’ie tautoru that can justify from a minimum experience in high sea.
Every person or crew willing to participate must contact the organizer. The race is open to va’a ta’ie tautoru of the type « Holopuni » as defi ned in the gauge established by the Association Va’a Ta’ie Tautoru. The va’a ta’ie tautoru’s not fi tting the gauge may participate to the Explorer races (out of the championship with the support of the organizer). The participation fee is estimated at 100.000 FCP. It includes the inscription fee, the fee for repatriation of the va’a ta’ie, the plane ticket from Bora-Bora to Tahiti and the accomodation on board of a catamaran during the stopovers. Food is not included. Seats abord the catamarans are prioritly reserved for crew members and staff. According to availability seats could be granted to people accompanying the crew.

Photo of a sailing canoe