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Traveling with children

We welcome families travelling with children on Air Tahiti Nui.  We extend special offerings such as priority boarding, special meals for infants and children, a comfort kit for infants/babies, colouring books and toys for children, onboard entertainment and more. A child must be accompanied by a passenger over the age of 18, except if this passenger is the child’s father/mother or legal guardian. One adult can travel with a maximum of 6 children provided a maximum of 2 of them are aged less than 5 years old.

The adult must travel in the same cabin as the child. Otherwise the child is considered as traveling alone and will be deemed to be an un-accompanied minor. There will be conditions to be met in respect to Un-accompanied minors travelling alone. When travelling internationally, ensure all infants and children have a valid passport and all other documentation required to satisfy the entry requirements of all the countries you will be visiting including transit countries and for returning home.

Important : Any minor aged under 18 years old planning to leave the French Territory, including French Polynesia must be in possession of an authorization form (known as « AST ») to travel. Click here for more information.



For health security concerns, access to Paris Charles de Gaulles airport is restricted to travelers and persons accompanying minors or travelers requiring assistance.
Any person accompanying a child travelling alone on departure or arrival must bring a copy of the child's flight ticket.

The fare for infants under two years old is 10 percent of the applicable available fare at the time of booking. The infant will not be assigned a seat. He/she will travel seated on the lap of the parent.

If you are traveling as a couple with your baby, we recommend reserving seats 18AB; 18KL or 32DE for more legroom and a free crib for your baby's well-being.
These seats can be booked exclusively for you up to 15 days before departure. Within 14 days before departure, these seats are available for sale to all passengers.

We invite you to contact us as soon as possible after booking your flight, and at least 72 hours before your departure.

For the convenience of the infant, a seat with a bassinet may be assigned free of charge upon request to a designated adult (parent or guardian) traveling with the infant under the following conditions:

  • The infant must travel and be booked with a designated adult.
  • The infant must be under 2 years of age, weigh less than 14kg and be able to lie flat in the bassinet at the time of travel (Bassinets on Air Tahiti Nui flights are 75.3cm long, 34.3cm wide and 22.4cm deep).
  • Up to 15 days prior to flight departure, these seats are available free of charge to passengers traveling with an infant.
  • In the 14 days prior to flight departure, access to theses seats is open to all other passengers.
  • On the day of departure, upon availability, these seats are given priority to passengers traveling with an infant.

If you want a guaranteed seat, for your infant, you will need to purchase a child fare ticket and a regulation-sized car seat is mandatory.

An adult can travel with 2 infants maximum. At least one of the infants MUST occupy a purchased individual seat in an approved car seat*. A 23-month-old baby who turns  2 years old during the journey will need to purchase a child fare; the applicable fare will be the Child fare for the entire journey.  In this case, the  infant will benefit from the same standard baggage allowance as an adult.

Air Tahiti Nui offers a baby kit (containing a bib, wipes, baby powder, a rattle, etc…) and a special meal adapted to your baby’s needs. Please consult our special meals’menu and make your request at least 48 hours prior to departure.

If you book a seat for your baby's comfort, a child fare applies, and your baby must be in an approved car seat that meets the following requirements:

•    Approved car seat for use in a forward-facing configuration,
•    The car seat must be installed correctly and safely on the seat of the aircraft,
•    The car seat must be in good condition and shows no signs of damage,
•    The car seat must respect the width and depth dimensions of the aircraft seat,
•    The car seat must be equipped with a safety harness


Please be advised that the following types of devices are not recognized on board our aircraft as acceptable security devices:

  • Any seat designed to be installed only with rigid bar lower anchors (isofix or equivalent),
  • Any booster seat,
  • Baby carriers


We remind you that you are responsible for installing the car seat on board in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

A non-compliant seat may be refused by the check-in and cabin crew.

Every child from 2 to 11 years old, must be accompanied by an adult passenger over the age of 18, except if this passenger is the child’s father/mother or legal guardian.

The adult must travel in the same cabin as the child. Otherwise the child is considered as traveling alone and will be deemed to be an unaccompanied minor. There will be conditions to be met in respect to unaccompanied minors travelling alone.

Air Tahiti Nui offers to all children coloring books and toys during the flight, and a program of child appropriate cartoons and video games.

You can also request a child meal during your reservation or at the latest 48 hours before the day of your departure.

enfant à bord d'air tahiti nui cliquant sur l'écran en face de son siège

Air Tahiti Nui welcomes children traveling alone.

For the security and comfort of your children we created our « TIARE KIDS » service. Air Tahiti Nui provides this service for children travelling alone or in a different class from that of the parents.

Conditions of eligibility:

Our « TIARE KIDS » service is available only on flights operated by Air Tahiti Nui. It is not available on flights operated by other airlines or in connexion with another airline nor on codeshare flights. This service is compulsory for children travelling alone from 5 to 11 years old. The service is also available upon request for children from 12 to 17 years old inclusive on all flights operated by Air Tahiti Nui.

If your child travels on the same flight as you but in a different cabin, he/she is considered as an unaccompanied minor and must remain under his or her Air Tahiti Nui guardian's supervision and under the responsibility of the crew during the flight.



You can book this service on all routes operated by Air Tahiti Nui.The purchase of this service is available in all our agencies only. At the time of reservation, please inform us when your child needs to travel alone or on your same flight but in a different class. This scrupulously completed "Tiare kids" form will be useful during your reservation and mandatory the day of the departure.

Before your departure, we advise travellers to verify the entry and travel requirements for your destination and transit country/countries by contacting the proper embassies or consulates. It is the traveller’s responsibility to be  informed about legal requirements, (laws, regulations, decisions, requirements and measures) of the cities of departure, destination and transit.

Our "Tiare Kids" service prices :


At the airport of departure:

On the  day of the departure, we recommend you present your child at the check-in counter 3 hours before flight departure. Once checked-in, a « Tiare Kids » personal pocket containing documents necessary for his/her journey will be given to the unaccompanied minor. The check-in agent will then provide a meeting time and place from which our staff will greet and escort your child to the aircraft.

Your child is travelling in :
- Poerava business, he has  access to the business check-in lane at our counters and to the priority handling of baggage for quick delivery. After check in your child must meet our staff at the UM (unaccompanied minor) meeting point.  Business class lounge will not be accessible. 
- Moana premium,  he has access to the priority check-in lane.

Please ensure  that your child is in possession of all necessary documents : e-ticket, valid passport, the signed authorization form to travel (known as « AST »), immigration form(s), visa, the signed « Tiare kids » form, as well as the copy of the ID card of your child legal guardian.

Note : At  departure, the parent/guardian will need to remain in the airport until 30 minutes after the aircraft departs.

On board:

Aboard our aircraft, Air Tahiti Nui staff will ensure your child is safe and assisted at all times during the flight.

Onboard your child will be able to enjoy films, cartoons, games, radio programs for children. To assure their safety, seats are specially assigned onboard for unaccompanied minors so they can be supervised during the flight.

When a child travels on the same flight as the adult parent/guardian, the child will be the responsibility of the crew until arrival.  The parent/guardian can visit their child at his/her seat but the child will not be able to visit the parent/guardian in business class.

In transit:

During the stopover in Los Angeles while transiting  for Paris, our staff  will provide continuous supervision to the unaccompanied minor. The same will apply when a parent is travelling in business class.

At the airport of arrival:

Upon arrival, the unacommpanied minor will exit the aircraft after the other passengers. A member of Air Tahiti Nui staff will accompany the minor through the arrivals process and collect baggage before the hand over to the person designated for pick-up. An ID card will be required to verify the identity of this person.

Please note: if your child has traveled on the same flight as you but in a different cabin, he or she disembarks last, accompanied by Air Tahiti Nui ground staff, and remains under the ground staff's supervision until arrival in the terminal.

In case of delays / cancellations

In the event of a flight delay or cancellation, the unaccompanied minor receives priority care and attention from us. An Air tahiti Nui staff member remains present with the unaccompanied minor at all times.

If a delay or cancellation requires overnight supervision of a child, a female Air Tahiti Nui staff member will look after your child at all times.




If you have reserved a seat for your infant, he/she receives the same baggage allowance as an adult. If your infant is traveling on your lap, his/her allowance will be a hold baggage item weighing up to 10 kg and a cabin a hand baggage item up to 3 kg.

Traveling with a stroller, car seat, basket

Because your comfort is our priority when you travel with an infant or with a child of less than 7 years, in addition to your applicable allowance, you can check-in in hold for free a stroller or a car seat or a basket per infant or child.

A car seat is accepted free of charge in the cabin when it must be installed on the seat which was purchased for your baby. If using a stroller while in the departure lounge you can take it to the gate and the crew will arrange for it to be stored in the hold. On arrival, the stroller will be delivered either to the gate or at the baggage carousel.