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Air Tahiti Nui : reception ceremony of the 3rd Tahitian Dreamliner

22 May 2019

Air Tahiti Nui : reception ceremony of the 3rd Tahitian Dreamliner

On May 19th, Air Tahiti Nui's General Management and a Presidential Delegation led by President Edward Fritch were at Everett's Boeing Delivery Center in Washington State for the reception ceremony of the company's third Tahitian Dreamliner 787-9. The first to fully belong to Air Tahiti Nui thanks to the support of its banking partners and the commitment of the State through the recently granted tax exemption.

After taking a few pictures in front of the aircraft with the Boeing management teams, the guests were able to visit the new aircraft, which is still undergoing technical acceptance. This third Tahitian Dreamliner, registered F-OVAA, will be presented at the 53rd International Air and Space Show held from June 17th to June 23rd, 2019 at Le Bourget, in France, before its first commercial flight to join the Fenua. It will represent Polynesia among the countless airplanes from around the world and will especially illustrate the quality of the amazing work done by Boeing teams.

Ihssane Mounir, senior vice president of sales and marketing of the aircraft manufacturer, recalled in a warm speech that he was happy to present this new aircraft, this beautiful livery, at the Paris Air Show.

"Bora Bora" ... This is the name of this new aircraft; it was also the name of the very first plane of our company when it started its exploitation on November 20th, 1998. The A340s represented a major technological innovation twenty years ago, and it is with this same desire to innovate that Air Tahiti Nui has chosen an exclusive Boeing fleet after 20 years of operation.

Today, our Tahitian Dreamliner offers unique flying comfort in a tri-class configuration with one of the most advanced entertainment systems of its generation, the Panasonic eX3. Combined with high-definition touch-screens, it creates a complete immersion in the Polynesian atmosphere of our islands for our passengers, to make their flight "the most immersive travel experience in the world". The "Bora Bora" will be joined in August by the second aircraft owned by the company, the fourth and last Tahitian Dreamliner of the new fleet. Like the others, the Tetiaroa will be the new emblem of Air Tahiti Nui, flagship of the aviation industry and 1st ambassador of our country. Registered F-OTOA, it will stand proudly, as the Polynesian warrior, to perpetuate the Polynesian culture around the world.

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