Moorea Marathon

Moorea marathon

The Moorea Marathon was established in 1988.

Now international, the event welcomes runners of all backgrounds, supporters of extraordinary races.

The course, with its breath-taking landscape and sumptuous natural life, is ranked by many athletes among the most beautiful exotic marathons.

The marathon also highlights the Polynesian culture with a particular Mana, (energy) that is accentuated by the formality of the opening ceremonies with its dances and performances of Orero (Polynesian oratory art). It is an initiation rite in itself… The Moorea Marathon is:

  • A unique sportive and festive event
  • A means of promoting the island as a touristic sportive destination
  • A choice of different races (marathon, semi marathon,…)
    • The  Marathon 42 km
    • The Semi-Marathon 21km


The festive atmosphere along the course, on the refreshment stands and all the way to the arrival, foretells all marathoners a race full of deep and intense sensations!