Moana Premium Economy Class

Moana Premium™ economy class

Your trip on Moana Premium™

A Tiare flower, a smile, and a word of welcome are de rigueur before you enter your Moana Premium™ economy cabin. This intermediate class allows you to enjoy the Premium™ comfort of one of the 32 seats in this cabin. The colors of the lagoon, the patterns on the cushions and headrests, the local music, the fragrance of the emblematic flower of Tahiti and its islands... Everything is done to immerse you in this Polynesian atmosphere that is so dear to us. Take advantage of this flight to learn more about our islands with our in-flight entertainment system and selection of magazines. Welcome to Moana Premium™ class!


As soon as you arrive at the airport, enjoy a service that makes your journey easier.

You have dedicated counters for priority check-in.
You can carry 2 pieces of luggage of 23 kg each in the hold free of charge.
Are you a Club Tiare GOLD or SILVER member? You are entitled to one additional free piece of luggage.

Premium™ comfort aboard the Tahitian Dreamliner

The ergonomics and the performance of our aircraft make your travel more enjoyable. Admire the view with the largest windows ever included on an airliner and adjust their brightness according to your preference. Enjoy quality air, free of pollutant particles or odors, thanks to the Dreamliner's special filtration system. You will also appreciate the system of anti-turbulence sensors and the quieter engines, which will enable you to rest during the flight.

Your seat in Moana Premium™


With the introduction of the Moana Premium™ class, the Tahitian Dreamliner offers a new tri-class configuration.ZODIAC Aerospace supplies the Moana Premium™ Z535 seats that offer a more comfortable travel experience and a configuration that offers more legroom.
The Z535 has a unique structure offering an optimum space of 96.5 centimeters between each row and a seatback recline of 20 cm. This new cabin offers 5 rows of seats configured 7 abreast (2-3-2).


Your comfort and well-being on board

Once you are well seated in your Moana Premium economy seat, you can enjoy the softness of a fleece blanket and a comfortable pillow. Also enjoy a comfort kit and a bottle of water. 


Our aircraft are equipped with the most advanced entertainment systems: the Panasonic eX3.
Touch screens of 33 cm diagonal arranged in front of each seat allow you to enjoy many distractions during the flight. Choose from a wide selection of movies, series, music and video games.  Access a unique selection of documentaries that will allow you to discover Polynesia through its culture, its news, its public figures or simply its breathtaking landscapes.
All seats have one USB plug. And for an even more personalized travel experience, enjoy high-speed internet with our on-board Wi-Fi.  


Couple enjoying service and entertainment aboard Air Tahiti Nui Dreamliner

Our quality service in Moana Premium 

Throughout the flight, enjoy hot and cold drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic, as you please.
Depending on the flight time, one or 2 meals are served if you wish with a white or a red wine selected especially for the Moana Premium class.
The crew is at your disposal to meet your needs throughout your journey. 
If you follow a special diet, you can order a special meal no later than 48 hours before the flight.


On arrival, enjoy a smooth disembarkation

You are among the 1st passengers to disembark after the Poerava’s Business class passengers.


Are you a member of our Club Tiare loyalty program?

At the time of booking, mention your Club Tiare membership number and receive between 105% and 115% miles for the trip made.

Please note : if your flight is operated by one of our partner airlines, it is possible that some services offered by Air Tahiti Nui, on board or at the airport, are not available or are different.