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Moana Economy™ class 787-9

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of our islands

Our crew welcomes you with a warm smile and assists you throughout the trip. The Moana Economy™ class on our Tahitian Dreamliner combines comfort and elegance to provide you with a unique experience, a genuine foretaste of your trip to Tahiti and its islands. Air Tahiti Nui brings Polynesia closer to the rest of the world, and we bring the full ambiance of our islands with us. Colors and patterns that evoke the turquoise lagoons, the emblematic Tiare flower, and tattoos are ubiquitous: On the plane and in our cabins, the spirit of our islands will awaken all your senses as soon as you board. Welcome aboard Moana Economy™ class!

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A completely comfortable aircraft

Our aircraft only operate long-haul flights, so we pay special attention to your traveling comfort. Our cabins have air control systems, pressurization, humidity level and light environments to help reduce your fatigue on arrival. The engines are quieter and anti-turbulence sensors offer you a calm and relaxing trip. And to take advantage of your flight, discover the largest windows ever integrated in an airliner, with finger-touch brightness control.

Moana Economy™ class offers a total of 232 seats specially designed for long-haul travel.


The Z300 articulated seat provided by ZODIAC Aerospace is one of the best new-generation seats currently available. The seats are arranged 9 abreast (3-3-3) and offer a space between the rows of 79 centimeters and a tilt of 15 cm for more comfort.

On-board amenities include: a large fleece blanket, a comfortable cushion in the colors of our islands, and a complete accessories kit.

Services and entertainment in Moana Economy™ class

On board, numerous services and entertainment will allow you to have a pleasant trip. All seats have a 30 cm diagonal touch screen equipped with the Panasonic eX3 entertainment system. You can take advantage of your trip to watch movies and TV series, or to play one of the games in our selection. The Tiare TV selection also provides access to many documentaries and other content on the theme of Tahiti and its islands.
All seats have one USB plug.

eco divertissement

During the flight, we offer you meals and snacks. If you have specific dietary restrictions or allergies, please inform us at least 48 hours before your departure in order to preselect one of our 11 special meals.

Our crews are always delighted to welcome you on our flights. Bon voyage on the Tahitian Dreamliner!