deck on the lagoon of the islands of tahiti

Interisland Transportation

Domestic Flights

International flights land on the main island of Tahiti. If your itinerary includes other islands, such as Bora Bora or Huahine in the Society Islands, or Rangiroa in the Tuamotu Archipelago, you will need to book your domestic flights with Air Tahiti (VT) or Air Moana.   

Air Tahiti flight
Aremiti 6 Moorea-Tahiti ferry

Interisland Ferry

The Groupe DEGAGE operates regular passenger ferry services between Tahiti-Moorea (Aremiti 6 & Aremiti Ferry 2) and the Apetahi Express between Tahiti-Huahine-Raiatea-Taha'a-Bora Bora (Aremiti 5).

Vaeara'i operates a Tahiti-Moorea (Terevau) ferry service.  Services between Tahiti and Huahine/Raiatea/Taha'a/Bora Bora/Maupiti over holiday periods are also operated by the Terevau Piti - a new vessel delivered in 2021.

Cruise / Cargo

The Aranui 5 is a dual-purpose passenger/freighter ship that sails from Tahiti to the Marquesas, Tuamotu and Society Islands.  Designed to offer all the comforts of a cruise liner, while operating as a supply ship, Aranui 5 is classified as a small vessel, accommodating approximately 230 passengers in 103 cabins.

Aranui cruise/cargo ship
Tahiti Nui Helicopters

Tahiti Nui Helicopters

Tahiti Nui Helicopters operates scenic flights, interisland transfers, special activities like heli-skydiving, medical evacuations and aerial work.