Hawaiki Nui Vaa

Photo of the Hawaiki Nui vaa racing

The "Hawaiki nui va'a" is a major event in the cultural life of French Polynesia. The largest canoe race in the region also illustrates the strong links that have always united the Polynesians to the sea. Indeed, the canoe race is the "national" sport. A desire to surpass themselves and a respect for their ancestors who populated this region a few thousand years ago: the passion of the Ma'ohi for this discipline is deeply rooted in themselves. It is embodied very typically, through the va'a, the local canoe. Equipped with a single oar, this boat takes a beautiful elongated shape, which for example, makes it a little thinner than its Hawaiian cousin.

The Hawaiki nui va'a has the reputation of being the toughest V6 canoe race in the world but also the longest and most beautiful ... with its 129 km in three days on three stages, without change of crews. For the departure, the Huahine Bay in the Leeward Islands, becomes the place for this huge gathering of canoes coming from the all over the world. The race runs towards Raiatea, Taha'a, and Bora Bora. This frenzied and exhausting island-to-island race over three days remains a unique event that connects the islands and its welcoming people. And which islands ... some of the most beautiful islands in the world. A race where to advance, to win, you must become one.