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Group Travel

Shared travel experiences create the most memorable adventures, especially when travelling to an iconic island holiday destination like the Islands of Tahiti.  Air Tahiti Nui is well accustomed to catering to the needs of all types of group travel, whether it be a wedding party, sports team, a school seeking cultural or language educational opportunities, a family reunion, a tour group, a special event, or a conference.

Appoint a Group coordinator

The first step to organising group travel is to appoint a group coordinator. This can be a travel agent, a tour operator, or a member of the travelling party.  That person will be the primary contact between the airline and the group.

Request a Group Fare Quotation

To be eligible for a group fare you will need 10 full fare paying passengers to travel together on the same flights and dates.  The group can be made up of both adults and children because the group fare provided will be applicable to all passengers.


Note: Travel originating in Australia will include travel on another airline between Australia and New Zealand so may be subject to conditions imposed by the connecting airline.

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To make a booking or request a group fare quote you can call our groups sales team on +61 (02) 906 189 13 or send an email to

Once the group price is accepted, our specialist group consultants will create a booking and provide a confirmed flight booking reference. 

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Itinerary Flexibility

Typically, to be eligible for a group airfare all passengers must travel together on all flights.  However, if some passengers wish to travel on a different date in one direction this can be permitted subject to seat availability at the time of booking, and agreement from the connecting airline that operates the Australia-New Zealand leg of the journey.   


You can even split passengers across cabins - Moana Economy, Moana Premium and Poerava Business.  Just appraise our group consultants of your plans and we will do our best to accommodate.

Flexible payment schedule

A flexible payment schedule is available – this starts with a small deposit followed by the final non-refundable payment 45-60 days before travel.  The group booking is not secured until the deposit is received.  The group deposit can be as low as $100 per person for Moana Economy, $200 per person for Moana Premium, and $400 per person for Poerava Business. If your itinerary includes any flight segments operated by another airline, additional deposits may be required, and the final payment date may differ.


Days between booking and travel date

Deposit due date

Deposit refund eligibility

More than 150 days

45 days after booking

Full refund of the deposit until 150 days prior to travel

90-150 days

30 days after booking

Non refundable

60-90 days

7 days after booking

Non refundable

Less than 60 days

Full payment within 7 days of the booking

Non refundable


Providing passenger names

Passenger names must be provided at the time of ticketing.  After ticketing, a name change (except where a spelling error occurs) is not permitted.  The name on an airline ticket must match the name displayed in a valid passport.  For this reason, we request passport copies to ensure the spelling of names is correct.  The airline does not accept responsibility where passenger names have been misspelt.  Tickets that must be reissued due to incorrect spelling will incur a ticket reissue fee.

Payment and additional charges

Payment must be made by Bank Transfer.  Credit card payment is not accepted for group bookings.  Air Tahiti Nui will not charge service fees or ticketing fees to manage the group booking, or to issue your original tickets.  However, a $50 reissue fee will apply every time you request a ticket reissue.  A change of travel date will require the group fare quote to be reassessed.  Any fees charged levied by a travel agent or tour operator will be additional.

Other Conditions

1. Group Quotation
Applicable airport charges and government-imposed taxes will be valid for the specified routing and travel dates requested.  Quotes are subject to seat availability at the time of booking.  Changes to travel dates or flight itinerary will require a reassessment of the quoted airfare.

2. Cancellation and Refund
Prior to deposit date:  No penalty
After deposit:  Amount paid as deposit is non-refundable.
After ticketing/No-Show:  Non-refundable.

3. Baggage Allowances
Checked baggage allowances will be confirmed that the time of booking.

4. Passports and Visas
It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure that they have the necessary travel documentation.

5. General Terms and Conditions
Air Tahiti Nui conditions of carriage apply to group tickets.