Group and Multi-Card Split Payments

Thanks to our new split payment service, you can now pay with multiple cards on our website. Book and share your payment between your group, avoid exceeding your credit limit—with this service, your bank transactions are easier to manage. Organize your next trip with ease and peace of mind.

couple inflight with air tahiti nui

A simple and practical payment service

Air Tahiti Nui extends our split payment service to all bookings made on our website. This resource is extremely easy to use, providing you with a tool to manage your reservation payments. Our online payment system is encrypted and fully secure. Try our new customizable split payment service and within a few clicks, choose the best option to help you start your next adventure with us.

Multi-card split payment

Did one of our outstanding promotions catch your eye? Lock in the deal effortlessly and quickly using multiple cards. No more spending over your credit limit resulting in fees or a frozen bank account and tedious bank phone calls. Now, you can book your tickets with ease, even last-minute. For example, pay part of your ticket with your debit card, and charge the remainder to your credit card(s). Or, split the entirety of the cost between your different credit cards. Choose the best option for you!


Traveling with friends or family: group split payment

Our split payment service makes your group trips easier. You can now make a group booking and pay separately. Nothing could be simpler: in a few clicks, choose the shared payment method for your reservation to include your traveling companions. Each traveler will thus be able to pay part of the reservation within an one hour time frame for a payment with multiple credit cards and 10 hours for a payment between group. The booking confirmation will be sent to you as soon as all transactions are completed.

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Give a Gift

Do you want to give a special gift to a loved one or a deserving friend? Help them finance an important trip? Split payment allows you to bring all your friends or family together to buy a ticket anywhere on our flight network. Enter the email addresses of the people wishing to participate, so that everyone can contribute to this generous gift.