Flight delay TN101-TN102-TN111

Papeete, Sunday, July 28, 2019 (update of this page at 00:30)

Air Tahiti Nui informs its customers that flight TN101 of July 27 Papeete Auckland scheduled at 09:00 and flight TN102 Auckland Papeete of July 28 scheduled at 15:15 are canceled for technical reasons and will be replaced by the following flights:

Dates and times in local time

- PPTAKL: TN481 / 29 July departure 09:00 arrival 12:55 on the 30th of July

- AKLPPT: TN482 / July 30th departure 14:55 arrival 21:45 on July 29th

As a result, the following flights will be delayed:

Former schedule TN102 / 27July PPT23: 59 LAX11: 10

New schedule TN102 / 28July PPT02: 00 LAX13: 10

Former schedule TN101 / 29July PPT0900 AKL1255 July 30

New schedule TN101 / 29July PPT14: 35 AKL18: 30 on July 30

Former schedule TN102 / 30July AKL16: 10 PPT 23: 00 on July 29

New schedule TN492 / 30July AKL20: 30 PPT03: 20

Former Flight Number     TN102/29July     PPT 23:59             LAX11:10 on July 30             

New  Flight Number     TN402/29July     PPT 23:59             LAX11:10 on July 30 

Air Tahiti Nui expresses its sincerest apologies for the inconvenience caused by these delays and invites its customers to consult its schedules on the site www.airtahitinui.com

The Commercial Direction

Air Tahiti Nui