man having massage in the islands of tahiti

While many come to Tahiti for the chance at ultimate privacy, relaxation and down-time, activities on land and lagoon abound. There is something for every preference in one of the safest places in the world.

Water activities are common on all islands and resorts. On land activities can provide a true change of scenery from the lagoons.

Water activities

With so much of Tahitian life influenced by the waters that surround the islands, water activities are common on all islands and resorts. Snorkeling in the glassy blue lagoons is like nowhere else in the world.

For the more advanced, scuba diving in deeper areas of the lagoon offers the chance to see greater variety and numbers of aquatic life. Dives at the passes, openings in the reef where ocean water replenishes the enclosed lagoons, provide still more to see and experience. Don’t miss the chance at a drift dive, where the current does the work, gently pushing you across a scenic lagoonariums.

couple scuba diving in the islands of tahiti
man surfing in the islands of tahiti

Above water, there’s also much to experience. Tahiti is one of the world’s surfing capitols. Teahupo'o beckons the bravest and best, but there are spots in every island group to catch waves. Owing to strong ocean breezes and glassy surfaces wind surfing and kite boarding have become very popular in Tahiti. Spots in the Tuamotus are training grounds for the world’s best.

For a slower, more relaxed experience, kayaks are available at almost every resort or try a romantic sunset sail on a traditional Tahitian-powered outrigger canoe.

On land activities

On land, there is much to see and do and these activities can provide a true change of scenery from the lagoons. Tahiti’s volcanic history created rugged foundations now topped with tropical vegetation.

Helicopter tours provide an exhilarating point of view, but to enlist all your senses, set off on hiking trails or hire a guide with an able 4x4 for an off-the-beaten-path adventure. On Moorea, it’s possible to hike to one of two peaks and sit inside a naturally occurring circular hole that runs through the peak.

couple walking in the mountain of the islands of tahiti
couple doing bycicle in tahaa island

Most islands have rental cars, buggies or bicycles in case you want to explore on your own. Find local eateries, roadside stands where fisherman sell their day’s catch, or shops where you can learn about the traditions of monoi oil. And if you’re in need of gifts or reminders of your Tahitian experience, find a black pearl jeweler and lose yourself in the possibilities.